Chalk Board Mug

by edwin - on December 5th, 2012

There are mugs, and then there are mugs. If you love nothing better than to have a fresh cup of piping hot coffee each morning, then you cannot really go wrong with the £5.99 Chalk Board Mug that certainly does far more than just offer a place for you to drink your coffee or tea from. After all, as its name suggests, this particularly high-quality ceramic mug will boast of a full ‘blackboard’ style coating, making it ideal for you to chalk up some sketches even as you sip. Hey, who knows? You might end up with a brilliant idea at the back of your mind during breakfast, and need to write it down somewhere, but there isn’t any paper or napkins in the vicinity. Despite having a ‘blackboard’ style coating, it is capable of retaining a smooth, glossy finish. Each purchase comes with a pair of chalk sticks.

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