Butter Sucker

by edwin - on December 28th, 2012

Do you love sucking on a piece of butter? I do know that there is nothing better each morning for breakfast other than to have a plate of omelettes (well done, with plenty of mushrooms and Parmesan cheese), as well as another plate of croissants – and plenty of butter on the side to go along with it. Of course, chocolate croissants would also do the trick, as you dip it in a cup of coffee, but that is another story altogether. The thing is, having too much butter might not be too good for your health if you are not going to burn off those calories, so perhaps it is time to look at the situation differently with the $3.99 Butter Sucker, where this pat of butter is located on a stick, delivering candy with butter flavor – the best of both worlds. I would not recommend having this go down with some toast though, although candy toast…mmmmm.

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