Shit hits the Fan Target Game

by edwin - on November 7th, 2012

You know of the classic saying, the shit has hit the fan. Basically, there is no turning back whenever such a “volcano” erupts, and here is one way of having fun with proverbs by picking up the literal version of it – in the form of the £4.95 Shit hits the Fan Target Game. After all, even the best of us are not exempt from the kind of curveballs that life throws our way from time to time, so whenever you feel that you are in such a situation, then why not give the Shit hits the Fan Target Game a go? In fact, with this title, you are able to determine just how far in the poo you are. Definitely one of the games you can pick up if you love to have some humor around the home, and even at the sullen faced office.

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