Cuppa Can Insulated Mug

by edwin - on November 11th, 2012

Is it a can? Is it a mug? Why, the £9.99 Cuppa Can Insulated Mug says it all – it is both. Specially designed to resemble that of an aluminum drinks can, the Cuppa Can Insulated Mug is made out of porcelain and is doubled walled, ensuring that a pocket of air separates your hand and hot drink – delivering protection for your hand, while ensuring that your piping hot drink remains hot for a longer period of time. This also does away with the need for a pesky handle, making it more convenient to pack and bring around, and will also be accompanied by a silicone lid with a ring-pull design, letting you enjoy your favorite hot beverage on the go without having any of it spill on your freshly pressed suit.

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