Storm Trooper Dashboard Driver

by edwin - on October 15th, 2012

One of the classic scenes from the movie Star Wars would be the Storm Trooper actually knocking his head at the top of the door when entering a room with his blaster, which is a hoot as he recovered from his gaffe with panache. Having said that, a Storm Trooper’s helmet does not seem to give the best level of visibility, hence having him run into the doorpost. Perhaps it is not such a good idea too to have him direct you how to drive, as with the $11.99 Storm Trooper Dashboard Driver. He can either speak at the push of a button or in “motion-activated” mode, where some of his phrases include familiar lines from the Star Wars movies, “Open the blast doors.”, “Let me see your identification.”, “There’s one, set for stun.”, “You can go about your business.”, “Look sir, droids.”, “Stop that ship, blast them.”, “Close the blast doors.”, “The Death Star plans are not in the main computer.”, and “Move along.”.

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