Slippers from the Shire

by edwin - on October 30th, 2012

I am quite sure that most of us who are avid movie goers would definitely be looking forward to the first instalment of The Hobbit later at the end of this year, and for folks who want to be prepared for the upcoming movie by dressing up as a hobbit (since you already have the height – or rather, the lack of it to be one), why not go the whole nine yards by looking like one – with a pair of these £19.99 Slippers from the Shire? They will keep your feet nice and warm, while looking as though they are a pair of hobbit feet – large and hairy. Hmmm, I’m quite sure that there is a fetish for that sort of thing, but I am not going to venture there. Definitely ideal for you to map out your path from your nice, warm bed to the bathroom in toasty comfort, especially when the mercury drops. One size fits most adult feet – human adults, that is.

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