Screaming Snowballs

by edwin - on October 21st, 2012

All right, so brace yourself, winter is coming. What is the whole point of living in a place where there is snow if you do not indulge in a little bit of snowball fights yourself? Well, if you want to humor the rest of the kids in your family, you might want to fork out $8.99 for the Screaming Snowballs, where you are able to choose from many different styles such as a bunny, puppy, Santa Claus even, a pig, a silly snowman, and even sunglasses! These unique character snowballs want nothing better than to be tossed into walls as well as other hard surfaces – other folks’ backsides included. Each time you throw them, these little zingers will scream their way through the air. Even better is the fact that you can hold them as long as you like in your hands without suffering from any frostbite. You definitely need not wait till winter to throw one of these puppies around, but it will be more fun then.

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