Sawblade Throwing Disc

by edwin - on October 3rd, 2012

I am quite sure that many of us, while we might entertain the possibility of a zombie apocalypse sometime down the road, know more or less that such a scenario is not going to happen. Which means, building a safe house with adequate supplies just in case a zombie outbreak happens is going to do you no good other than burn a huge hole in your finances. Well, you can still have some bloody fun with kids around the neighborhood later this Halloween with the $4.99 Sawblade Throwing Disc, where you throw and catch it just like any regular throwing disc, albeit this one might see folks avoid catching it the first time when they see faux blood and the shape of a sawblade whizzing towards their direction. Since it is made out of foam, it is far safer than throwing a real sawblade, now how about that?

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