Really Huge Pen

by edwin - on October 22nd, 2012

What is your favorite writing instrument? Well, for some of us who have gotten so used to using our fingers on all the myriad of touchscreen devices that are in our possession, asking us to write even a paragraph using a pen does not make much sense at all, as our hand starts to protest by aching and throbbing after a while. Well, here is the rather zany $5.99 Really Huge Pen which you can always place hidden under your receptionist’s table, asking her to pass this over to whoever asks for a pen whenever they need to fill up a form. It measures a gigantic 11” in length and 1.25” wide, making it ideal to not only to write considering how your hand wraps around one rather satisfyingly, but it also doubles up as the ideal anti-zombie weapon where you can use it to stab many through their rotting heads. It will ship in one of four random colors, and your John Hancock will always be in black ink.

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