Nintendo Controller Backpack

by edwin - on October 30th, 2012

I do have quite a soft spot for the 1980s, considering that is the era where I grew up in. Having said that, the $49.99 Nintendo Controller Backpack will definitely have you looking behind wistfully, wondering what happened to the games of old where 8-bit graphics on the NES and a chunky CRT TV had far more pulling power compared to today’s high definition, high octane gameplay that somehow seemed to lack the storytelling soul of video game classics. These days, there aren’t really high scores to beat any more in games, it is more about achievements and having the best kind of equipment – where spending the most time and money with a game will often get you to the pinnacle, and not because of skill. The Nintendo Controller Backpack is made out of Poly PVC blend with raised applique design if you want to shed a tear or two out of nostalgia.

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