Keyboard Keys Contact Lens Case

by edwin - on October 11th, 2012

Let the whole world know that you are a geek with the Keyboard Keys Contact Lens Case. The name of this particular device gives the game away for sure, and you know why you wear a pair of contact lenses? That is because you have spent the better part of your life staring straight into the computer screen, destroying your eyesight in the process. Of course, when you are out there trying to woo the girl of your dreams, that geeky pair of glasses need to go in order to increase your chances of success, and this is where your contact lenses come in handy. Still, you are unable to drop that geek character of yours, which is why you settled for the Keyboard Keys Contact Lens Case instead. It measures 2.5ā€ x 1.25ā€, and is made out of plastic. The keys will snap shut in order to keep your contacts secure with the fluid inside.


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