Jar Jar Binks Whoopee Cushion

by edwin - on October 2nd, 2012

You can say that one of the most hated (or at least, the most irritating/disliked/dismal/useless, take your pick of adjectives) characters in the Star Wars universe would be Jar Jar Binks when he was introduced as a CGI character in Episode I. Well, this still has not stopped the house of Lucas to come up with a myriad of ways to milk Jar Jar Binks for all he is worth, and this time around in order to commemorate the Star Wars Celebration 2012, an exclusive $19.99 Jar Jar Binks Whoopee Cushion has been released. They will come in limited quantities, so once they are sold out, you can only find them on eBay or other second hand sites. If you’ve hated Jar Jar Binks with a vengeance, here’s your chance to fart on him under all circumstances as he takes the brunt of your breakfast that comprised of nothing but beans.

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