Inflatable Coffin Party Cooler

by edwin - on October 13th, 2012

You know that Halloween is just around the corner (right at the end of this month, actually), and what are some of the ways that you feel you would be able to be different from all the other homes down the street in delighting kids who come trick or treating at your doorstep? Why, apart from dressing up in a totally bizarre costume that no one has ever seen before, a far less imaginative option (or at least, one that does not require you to crack your brains) would be the $19.99 Inflatable Coffin Party Cooler. After all, how creepy can it get, getting your food off from a coffin? It is definitely not something that society views as the norm, and in some cultures, coffins are even considered to be taboo. This comes across recommended for use as a buffet display for foods and iced drinks, now how about that?

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