Heart Shaped Straws

by edwin - on October 9th, 2012

The next time you are going to hold a celebration or a lovey dovey dinner with your other half, then you might be interested in setting up the table with the $12.99 Heart Shaped Straws. Of course, we would not want to waste a bunch of these straws on those who are not alert at all. Those kind of people can be served with your usual straws, of course. The next time you want to wine and wine with your other half, perhaps it would be prudent to ditch all the cliché poems and flowers, while placing a red, romantic straw in your sweetie’s drink instead. Each $12.99 purchase comes with 20 single use straws that are deemed to be food safe and BPA free.

2 thoughts on “Heart Shaped Straws”

  1. Milagros Aguilar says:

    If I ask for the heart straws to Peru, South America, it considers free shipping?

    Hope hearing from you soon.


    1. edwin says:

      Not too sure about that mate, you will have to ask the manufacturer.

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