Gummy Bear Flask

by edwin - on October 15th, 2012

They say that every one of us still have a child within, so sometimes, it would be nice to let that inner child out to play and paint the town red. If you are a managing director of a multi-national company, it might seem out of place for you to bring the $12.99 Gummy Bear Flask to work, as your subordinates will probably look down at the floor while you glug down your water, trying their level best not to laugh. Perhaps it would be better suited if you work with kids, and want to find a platform to connect with them – why not bring the Gummy Bear Flask to work with you, as well as a packet of edible Gummy Bears on hand in order to win their hearts over through their stomachs? The Gummy Bear Flask will come in red, blue or green shades, and is great to hold so much more than just plain water.

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