Gaydar Electronic Gay Detector

by edwin - on October 19th, 2012

The issue of homosexuality is one that divides communities and opinion right down the middle – after all, there the tension between “traditional moral values” as well as one’s individual freedom and right to live as one chooses. You know that when you whip out the $8.99 Gaydar Electronic Gay Detector, you might be in for a spot of trouble, so do so at your peril – or only if you know that the kind of folks you hang out with are able to take a joke on the chin and brush it off afterwards. To find out whether one is a homosexual or not, leave it to a cheap machine, why not? Point the Gaydar Electronic Gay Detector at anyone, press a button and it will proclaim “Gaydar Activated!” After that, it will flash and beep, resulting on one of three results – Gay, Straight, or Maybe.

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