Vinderpants – give some underwear love for your wine

by edwin - on September 1st, 2012

Just like how you would not walk out of the house stark naked in your au natural hirsute glory, how can you leave your bottles of wine at home without any form of underwear? All right, that is taking things a little bit too far since bottles do not have a sense of shame, but you certainly have a sense of humor, which is why the $9.99 Vinderpants would make for the ideal housewarming gift for a close friend. Those acquaintances might not appreciate your sense of humor though, so you might want to skip that particular bunch. Hopefully you will not end up mixing the Vinderpants with your very own pair of underpants in the morning after. Hey, weirder things have happened after a smashing night out with Mr. Alcohol and Ms. Toilet Bowl, right?

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