Train PC case mod

by edwin - on September 20th, 2012

This is definitely one of the quirkier computer cases around, and surprisingly enough, it is not hand-crafted from a DIY enthusiast somewhere, but rather, hails from Taiwan-based Lian Li who is famous for their range of computer chassis. The thing is, it is simply known as the PC-CK101, where it comprises of two parts – the car and engine. Half of your rig will be located in front, while the other half is at the back. Heck, to make things more realistic, even tiny train tracks and wheels are included, alongside a small motor for you to glide it around on the rails. I would not recommend moving your computer in the form of a train when it is in operation though to minimize risk of the hard drive head ploughing onto the surface. The non-moving model will retail for around $229, while the moving model will cost you $379 a pop.


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