Poop-Stained Underwear Wallet

by edwin - on September 25th, 2012

Sometimes, the more interesting solutions that one can think of to solve a particular problem need not be the most complex, but rather, they can be surprisingly simple. Case in point, the Poop-Stained Underwear Wallet that is going for $15 a pair on Amazon. Seriously, the wallet’s design was specially thought up of to make sure that your valuables remain nice and safe from inquisitive eyes and thieving hands whenever you travel. When you add some stink spray to it, you’ve got quite the anti-theft system here. After all, who would want to pick up a dirty looking underwear, especially when there is a visual indicator that it has been pooped on? The hidden crotch compartment will store your valuables within. It should be interesting to pull this out at the check-out counter of stores…

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