No. 2 Stylus

by edwin - on September 22nd, 2012

I am quite sure that many of us do own at least one full touchscreen device in our repertoire of gadgets, and chances are that would be a smartphone. As hot and desirable as the iPad is at the moment, not everyone with a smartphone would see the iPad or a tablet as an essential “must have” tool, but a nice add-on. The thing is, most smartphones need no stylus unlike the ones of yore, as your finger is good enough to handle all the user interface actions, but the tablet is an entirely different thing together, especially if you love dabbling in electronic art on your tablet. This is where the quirky No. 2 Stylus comes in, although it won’t look too professional in the meeting room when you whip this out. This $11.49 purchase comes in a set of two and can fit into your pocket without missing a beat.

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