Inflatable Tentacle Arm

by edwin - on September 12th, 2012

Since Halloween is soon to be upon us (you would be surprised at just how fast time flies, I am quite sure about that), it is time to start figuring out just what kind of costumes you want to wear during the Trick or Treat season. Pirates and the undead? They are so passe, so perhaps here is an idea that you have yet to toy around with. Granted, wearing the $11.99 Inflatable Tentacle Arm would mean one thing as well, you are unable to unwrap the candy that you receive, but then again as an adult, you can use the excuse that your lack of arms means there is no way you can share your candy stash with the little ones standing in front of your door. Each Inflatable Tentacle Arm measures 3 feet long and looks like that of an octopus sans the suction cups.

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