Ice Cream Sandwich wallet

by edwin - on September 9th, 2012

I know that many of us who own Android-powered devices would know what an Ice Cream Sandwich is, having seen its iteration across numerous devices (with folks making the jump to Jelly Bean now when possible), but how about the rest of the world who have no clue what an Ice Cream Sandwich looks like? Well, you can play the role of being a style buddha by enlightening them with the $21.99 Ice Cream Sandwich wallet. Of course, your wallet will be $21.99 lighter after purchasing it, but that’s besides the point. The Ice Cream Sandwich wallet will hold your money and other personal cards in between a pair of soft, rectangular chocolate wafers. Heck, to make things more weird, it comes with a tiny mustache sticker which you can apply to the clear window once you slide your ID in it.

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