Doody Mug

by edwin - on September 16th, 2012

If you know your friend really well who can take pranks, even the less tasteful ones, then he or she would be a prime candidate for the $10.99 Doody Mug. I know of folks who would feel as though they have lost their appetite when one talks about some less than savory stuff over a meal, such as the description of an operation or how one had to be more visceral than ever before when half-starving to death in the desert with nothing but advice from Bear Grylls to survive on. Well, the Doody Mug is pretty much self-descriptive – when your guest finishes his or her drink, that person will be able to uncover the inner turd which is fully glazed and nothing but part of the porcelain mug’s bottom. Of course, you can always reuse this mug, but this is assuming your guest did not drop it on the floor out of disgust and shock.

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