Doody Head Poop Game

by edwin - on September 17th, 2012

I don’t know about you, but there are some folks out there who have this aversion to all things poop. I guess that cannot be helped, after all, poop is not exactly the most appetizing topic to talk about, especially over the dinner table when a delectable spread is laid out before you. Having said that, since Halloween is coming our way and there are bound to be different people thinking up various new costumes to wow the jaded world, here we are with the $16.99 Doody Head Poop Game that you can simply wear out as part of your costume. Of course, before and Halloween, you are still able to play with the Doody Head Poop Game, where one person will wear the head gear that has point values and velcro on top. Other players will then toss the Velcro-responsive Doodies at the hat-wearer, where the most accurate tosser (through points accumulation) would win. Scat games in a very safe and hygienic manner, now how about that?

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