Dashboard Cowgirl Bull Rider

by edwin - on September 23rd, 2012

Love the wild, wild west, and nothing captures your attention more than a svelte body of a cowgirl riding on a bull? Well, here’s something that might just suit your tastes, and I am referring to the $9.99 Dashboard Cowgirl Bull Rider. This particular puppy is meant to sit on your dashboard, and each time you move, she will toss back and forth to go with the motions of your ride, so the longer you drive, she will be holding on for her dear plastic life as well. This rodeo extravaganza might just end up to be too mesmerizing, so drivers with an affinity for cowgirls (or at least hot looking females in such a get up) might want to remember to keep their eyes peeled on the road instead. You know, the hassle of cleaning up after an accident is just not worth it. You can choose from either a blonde, brunette, or redhead.

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