Angry Lifesize Inflatable Shark

by edwin - on September 26th, 2012

Assuming that you are wealthy enough to have a swimming pool in your home (better yet, one that is heated), and have some of the neighbors’ kids come over to enjoy their holidays or weekend since you love them buggers. Why not pull a fast one on them and see them turn pale by letting loose the $69.99 Angry Lifesize Inflatable Shark? Sure, it is not going to swim around and bite chunks of flesh off anyone, and neither are you going to hear that famous Jaws soundtrack in the background, but it might just scare the heck out of those with a shark phobia – or perhaps induce it in the uninitiated along the way. The entire shebang measures a whopping 7 feet in length, and who knows, some kid might just soil himself in your pool when he sees this coming for him.

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