3D Teddy Bear Pants, cute but expensive

by edwin - on September 25th, 2012

Some folks might think of the Japanese to be rather nutty in terms of design, and I guess you cannot veer too far from the truth of that particular statement when you lay your eyes on the 3D Teddy Bear Pants that is sold by major sports brand Adidas. These pants will be available via Japanese shopping site ZOZOTOWN, letting your legs be surrounded by small teddy bears wherever you go. Woe to you if you spill some bubble tea or curry sauce across your lap or other parts of this pants, it would be hell trying to clean it up. I guess it would look better (and safer) being stashed behind a glass case, especially when you consider the $1,500 upwards price tag attached to it. Designed in collaboration with designer Jeremy Scott and Adidas, it would take a slightly crazy rich person to pick this up.


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