Snowglobe Salt and Pepper Shakers

by edwin - on August 27th, 2012

It goes without saying that you would do well to have something different in your home’s decoration if you are not that great a conversationalist, simply because little bric a bracs are useful in getting a conversation going, and once the ball has started to roll, it ain’t too hard to maintain its momentum. I guess when things get a little bit tight around the dining table, you can always settle for the rather charming $11.95 Snowglobe Salt and Pepper Shaker. It will merge the whimsical playfulness of a snowglobe alongside the practicality of a salt & pepper shaker set. Each of these shakers will feature a globe with a polar bear residing within. You fill up the shaker with the white polar bear with salt, and he will look as though he is surrounded by snow, and black snow (pepper) for the black bear.

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