Prism Glasses help you read a book from a zany perspective

by edwin - on August 10th, 2012

Now here is a pair of glasses that you might want to consider if you love lying down in bed and reading your favorite tome. When I was young and used to read lying down, I would rightly get chastised by my parents, for they claim that reading books while one is lying down is bad for one’s eyes. Not heeding their advice, this has led me to wear a pair of glasses for the better part of two years now. Well, the $24.99 Prism Glasses have a very different outlook, as it will transform your view to a 90° downward angle, doing away with the need for you to raise your head, helping you read in a relaxing manner. Something tells me that this is more useful for those with limited mobility, or want to get a feel of how looking through a periscope is like.


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