No Tear Toilet Paper

by edwin - on August 20th, 2012

Playing this prank in your own home might not be such a good idea after all, especially when someone has a really bad case of stomach ache and needs to let loose his or her bowels completely. When they realize (after much relief, of course) that the toilet paper that is within their reach cannot be torn, they might be frustrated and resort to less hygienic means – in your own toilet. Best to use this prank in a public outhouse, and I am referring to the $5.99 No Tear Toilet Paper, of course. Talk about causing a whole lot of frustration with one roll of this puppy!

One thought on “No Tear Toilet Paper”

  1. killbox says:

    it can be torn, and then it plugs your sewerline.. as was foundout by my dad whom a party goer had tried to prank. sadly someone had used it and clogged the toilet before it was discovered..

    do not use!

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