Tetris cushions pose a puzzler for guests

by edwin - on June 27th, 2012

If you cannot get enough of Tetris, then here is a home decoration idea for you to consider – Tetris cushions that hail from the very bowels of Etsy itself. You will be unable to clear all the lines with this setup, but it comes with all the beloved tetrominoes, thanks to Australian Etsy user StarGallery. These blocky looking cushions might be a bit rough to the eye, but they certainly are soft to the touch, measuring approximately two feet long and six inches thick, and will come upholstered with raw textured cotton and polyester filling stuffing. The entire shebang will cost you $280, which isn’t cheap at all when you think about it.

One thought on “Tetris cushions pose a puzzler for guests”

  1. choiceweb says:

    If you don’t live in Australia, add the $180 or so in shipping costs.

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