Stack a Doodle Brick Crayons

by edwin - on June 15th, 2012

What happens when you have the crazy idea of Lego mixed with the artistic tool of expression known to kids as the crayon? Why, you end up with the $7.99 Stack a Doodle Brick Crayons, of course! Each purchase comprise of a set of 13 brick crayons that will be able to set your little one off in an unforgettable journey of a rainbow of colors, allowing one to not only draw a picture, but also play with the crayons themselves to create a fun (and perhaps functional) building. There are six rectangular blocks (pink, red, yellow, dark green, light blue, and purple colors) as well as seven square blocks (orange, light green, dark blue, light brown, dark brown, gray, and black), just make sure your kid is aged 4 and above before using these.

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