Personalized Mixtape Posters

by edwin - on June 15th, 2012

When it comes to giving gifts these days, everyone wants to be special. Otherwise, you would not have highly personalized gifts being in great demand, as long as you have the money to pony up, of course. I guess if you are on a tight budget and your family name is not Trump, you can always look for more budget-minded alternatives such as the £14.99 Personalized Mixtape Posters. Revisit the glory days of making a mixtape, although this time around, you will have yours come in the form of a poster. Just fill up the A and B sides with 8 ‘tracks’ each, pick from a quartet of different colours, and the job is done. Perfect to commemorate a special occasion or event, but will your other half appreciate a half carat rock instead? Only you can tell.

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