Office Ninja Blowgun Set

by edwin - on June 1st, 2012

Ninjas are supposed to be deadly and silent (like farts), but since you were not raised in the mythical Far East, and lack the relevant experience to be a pupil of a grandmaster, then you will just have to make do with whatever off the shelf equipment in order to live out your ninja lifestyle. Enter the $19.99 Office Ninja Blowgun Set, where this is the weapon of choice for the true office ninja. Be like one of those deadly tribal folks by practicing your blowgun skills in the safe confines of the office, where it comprises of two blowguns as well as two dozen darts. The darts are equally split in terms of colors for added fun and competition if you want to hold a team game. Just for practice’s sake whenever your colleagues are not around, they even threw in a styrofoam target.

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