Chocolate Skulls

by edwin - on June 1st, 2012

I don’t know about you, but unless you have a bottomless bank account, is there any good reason to spend hundreds of quid on just chocolate alone, especially when the quantity is so little? It does not matter what kind of fancy packaging the chocolate will come in – as it is going to be ingested at the end anyways. The £349.99 Chocolate Skulls is one dessert for the morbid, as you can choose from Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate or the super sweet White Chocolate. That kind of good money will net you 2.5kg of pure chocolate, with of course, some skill thrown into the mix to churn out this delectable piece of proof that humans are not spineless creatures after all, but have a skull that protects their brain within, showing that we are meant to be a thinking species. It’d be a pity to bite into this, really.

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