Brix Calculator

by edwin - on June 16th, 2012

Say, Mario must be one plumber who is so in love with a princess, that he must have lost count on the number of times he has saved her out of Bowser’s lecherous hands. I do wonder from time to time, however, as to whether Bowser and the princess are actually lovers in disguise, and she went away willingly – just like how the girl fell in love with the vampire Meier in the Vampire Hunter D anime. Having said that, in order to help Mario keep count on the number of rescue attempts he has made (alongside all the gold coins he has collected), here is the $19.99 Brix Calculator which looks more like something the world of Lego concocted than anywhere else. Cute, isn’t it? At least you won’t look so ‘stoned’ in maths class any more…

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