Trendsetter Grab-Ass Hot Pad

by edwin - on May 21st, 2012

The scourge of time continues with each passing second – and there is nothing that we can do to slow time down. After all, a time machine is one piece of human invention that does not look likely to be achieved ever, although there is always the extremely remote possibility of that happening. If you felt that you were one of the more fashionable pioneers out there back in your younger days, and wish to relive those moments, here is the $12.99 Trendsetter Grab-Ass Hot Pad which is one groovy potholder that was specially designed to handle even the hottest buns! It certainly rolls back the years, don’t you think so, back to the day when your bum was nice and taut that you got dressed just to be harassed. Now you’re reduced to mentally reliving those glory days, with the Trendsetter Grab-Ass Hot Pad as a reminder.

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