Penny Skateboards let you travel in style

by edwin - on May 24th, 2012

Now, the Penny Skateboards were not named so because they could hold pennies in them, nor did they cost a penny. In fact, if you want to pick one one of these colorful skateboards, you will need to fork out a rather hefty £79.99. So where does the name come from? I am not quite sure myself, but these made in Australia skateboards are colorful re-issues of the skateboards of yore, featuring a 57cm x 15cm injection-moulded plastic deck, an ultra smooth ‘well’ wheels as well as high quality trucks with super soft bushings and nickel-plated nuts and bolts to help you get around. Since the skateboards are so small, you can fit them into your backpack without a problem. So perhaps the diminutive size has something to do with the name after all…

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