Darth Vader Stresshead Stressball

by edwin - on May 26th, 2012

You know, being the Dark Lord of the Sith is a glamorous sounding title, but I am pretty sure that it comes with its fair share of ups as well as downs, and to be under the constant, watchful eye of the Emperor does not help either. After all, if he could get rid of Count Dooku so that you can be his next apprentice, who are you to say that he will not do the same to you sometime down the road? You are ageing, after all, and for all intents and purposes, Palpatine your wizened buddy has yet to let you in on the secret of eternal life despite promising you all those years ago when you were about to be a dad. Guess you cannot go wrong with the Darth Vader Stresshead Stressball then, where it is available for pre-order at $13 a pop.

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