Amazing Spider-Man R/C Speed-Climbing Figure

by edwin - on May 4th, 2012

I am not quite sure as to who would want to pick up this $44.99 Amazing Spider-Man R/C Speed-Climbing Figure, but apparently, there is the option to upgrade it to the Collector’s Grade edition for a mere $2. Heaven forbid the kind of quality at that kind of price. The name of this toy says it all – you will use a remote control as Spider-Man crawls all over your wall and perhaps tables and floor if you prefer him to go through the kind of training that Captain America went through when he had to prime himself up against HYDRA. Mini-vacuums will help him stick to the surface, just make sure those surfaces are clean and dry. Other than that, this is one Spider-Man that does not do any butt kicking – lame!

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