Zombie Skull Decanter

by edwin - on February 5th, 2012

Yes, we looked at the heart shaped carafe the other day, so why not go all the way with a sombre mood by including the $19.95 Zombie Skull Decanter into the mix as well? After all, there is nothing quite like winding down after a hard day of work with some cognac in hand, right? All you need would be your favorite spirit inside swirling around, and it is more than enough to carve a smile on your face as you hold a one-man party. Heck, even if your mates come over for a tipple or two, it should not matter, as there would be more than enough to go around – right? The Zombie Skull Decanter measures 7.5″ ‘x 4.25′” x 4.75″‘ and can hold 27 fluid ounces.

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