Star Wars Starfighter Paper Airplanes

by edwin - on February 24th, 2012

You know how as students, you fooled around class, and folding paper airplanes proved to be an art form? Those who were on the higher floors could hold a paper plane flying competition, seeing whose plane flew the longest – or farthest. Well, I am not quite sure whether anyone who throws $19.99 in the direction of the Star Wars Starfighter Paper Airplanes would simply throw it around school or at the office, as it is more of a collectible item than anything else. These will speed through our atmosphere as well as as they would in outer space, although the latter greatly depends on what your imagination is able to conquer. Each of the half dozen starfighter designs have been turned into full-color, custom-designed paper airplanes, and you will get five copies of each design, resulting in 30 paper Starfighters. Now you can rewrite Star Wars history of your own with a fleet of Y-wings and X-wings at your command.

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