Morning Mug needs coffee to wake up, too

by edwin - on February 23rd, 2012

I believe that many of us out there require some sort of morning drink to perk ourselves up from a deep slumber, especially when you spent the last night partying like nuts and getting only a couple of hours sleep at best! Since coffee is more often than not the poison of choice for millions around the globe to wake up and greet each morning, here we are with a mug that also loves a hot beverage within – the £14.99 Morning Mug. This is a thermally-reactive mug that shows off a sleepy face in front, featuring downturned lashes and a cartoony mouth in mid-snooze, but the moment hot water is poured inside, she will open her eyes, have her makeup on and is ready to greet the day. Hopefully the same applies to you, too.

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