Matryoshka Zombie Nesting Dolls

by edwin - on February 22nd, 2012

Matryoshka nesting dolls might be fun when you are a kid, as there is the endless fascination of seeing one doll holed up within the bigger one (pun not intended) – but after a while (and lots of growing up in between), you start to realize that it really ain’t all that hot to play with, moving on to bigger and more interactive toys. Well, since we are now in a generation who is more ready for a zombie apocalypse compared to say, handling a blackout for a couple of days, here are the $13.99 Matryoshka Zombie Nesting Dolls that comprise of half a dozen dolls, fitting together as one big, happy zombie family.The baby stands at a mere 30mm, while the severed foot zombie stands proud at 114mm in height.

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