Finger Sporks for fun eating

by edwin - on February 8th, 2012

Check out the $4.99 Finger Sporks, where it allows you to shovel in four times the amount of food into your mouth while others look on incredulously, wondering whether you just escaped from a place where they starved you to near-death status. Never mind about proper British manners at the table – armed with a quartet of Finger Sporks, you will be able to gobble down the delectable spread in no time at all, while others are just about to dig into their starters, you are already done with your mains, and cannot wait to “attack” the desert section at the buffet line instead. No idea on whether all fingers can fit into the Finger Sporks, though.

One thought on “Finger Sporks for fun eating”

  1. someone u dont no says:

    GAYYYYYY so one could seriously can get hurt from these

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