Dictionary Desk Pillow

by edwin - on February 2nd, 2012

Students at colleges and universities tend to lack sleep – and a whole lot of it, to boot. After all, there are all those late night parties and gaming sessions that clearly shove sleep down the pecking order of their “to do” list. If you want to catch up on your snoozefest, you might want to consider this rather expensive pillow known as the Dictionary Desk Pillow that goes for $80. Not only do you look as though you were hard at work, building up your word power, you are actually catching up on your lost hours of sleep. This “book” even comes with its own paper case to make it look smarter than normal, and your boss might even give you a pass – just make sure you tell your colleagues that you suffer from a really serious case of extreme nearsightedness, and your eyes are sensitive enough to read invisible ink without the heat.

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