Biohazard and Zombie Crime Scene Tape

by edwin - on February 4th, 2012

I recently spotted an image that had the caption (not verbatim) that our generation is far better equipped to face a zombie apocalypse than an hour without power. I wonder just how true such a statement is? Well, assuming the world is going to the dogs in due time simply because there will be a biohazard “accident” happening some time down the road, we might actually get more and more news reports of family and friends being attacked by a zombie, only to make the hard decision of killing them before they turn. With the $3.99 Biohazard and Zombie Crime Scene Tape, you can be sure that you will not wander by accident into any crime scene – lest you get ambushed by a ravenous horde of brain loving zombies! Each roll has around 50 feet of warnings.

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