World of Warcraft Giant Foam Doomhammer Replica

by edwin - on January 20th, 2012

Are you a huge World of Warcraft fan? Well, the MMORPG might have been riding into the sunset for quite some time now, but the number of lives it has influenced has certainly been more than what your two hands and two feet are able to count, even if you grew seven toes and fingers on each foot and hand, respectively. Here is another chance for you to declare that Thrall will always be your Warchief, thanks to the $149.99 World of Warcraft Giant Foam Doomhammer Replica. That is rather pricey for a foam weapon, don’t you think so? Well, at least it comes with a PVC core, and while it cannot help you perform any magic spells over the rest of your pesky colleagues, and least it would make for a decent cosplay accessory.

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