Women’s Fortune Cookies

by edwin - on January 1st, 2012

Most of the time when you head out to a Chinese restaurant, you are served with fortune cookies at the end of a meal. Certainly far clearer than gazing into a crystal ball, that does not mean whatever is printed on it is more accurate. Who would have thought that someone might have actually come up with a gender-specific fortune cookie for the ladies? Yes sir, we are talking about the $6.95 Women’s Fortune Cookies, where each crunchy and delicious, individually wrapped, fortune cookie will hold a 1% chance of fortune that celebrates woman-kind. Some of the more hilarious sayings are like “After thirty, a body has a mind of its own. – Bette Midler” and “Age is something that doesn’t matter; unless you are a cheese. – Billie Burke”. Each purchase comprises of eight, whimsy and witty fortune cookies.

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