Whoopee Key Chain

by edwin - on January 2nd, 2012

Surely as an adult, you would know better than to pull a prank amongst your equally adult-minded friends. Of course, sometimes in life, you will just need to let your hair down and have fun, reliving those moments as a kid when everything was carefree, and you had so much potential for the future. I know that New Year’s Day is over, but that does not mean you cannot continue to plan for the year ahead by slipping in some parties into your calendar. Why not make your party a little more fun with the $4.95 Whoopee Key Chain? Perfect for the prankster on the go, where it has been molded in the similar shape of the classic Whoopee Cushion. All you need to do is press the center and your ears will be treated to a fabulous, fart noise. Just make sure you have ensured its batteries are still full before the party begins.

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